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We are very pleased to bring you the 40th anniversary edition of the Green Book, an extensive and easy to use resource directory for elders and adults with disabilities. Since the Green Book’s inception, tens of thousands of copies have been distributed at no cost to ensure consumers and families have access to the information they need. Published in both English and Spanish, we are proud of the book’s reputation as a wealth of knowledge, and work hard to ensure each edition is thoroughly vetted for accurate and timely information.
We are a private non-profit agency serving elders and disabled adults who reside in Northeast Massachusetts. Established in 1974, our mission is to support an individual’s desire to make their own decisions, secure their independence, and remain living in the community safely. Elder Services’ care managers and nurses work with thousands of elders and family members each day to make sure they have the right services, living arrangements, and access to good health care and benefits. We contract with over 70 different care providers to ensure services delivered meet a variety of individual needs.
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Programs & Services

Elder Services Care Managers assist elders, families, and caregivers to determine the services and programs that will help them manage a person’s need for care. There are a variety of ways to be assisted within the agency to find the Programs and/ or service to fit your needs.

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Information & Resources

Within the agency we have various resources to help you navigate through options and community support available. We internally publish resources and have assistance, as well as work with you to connect you to community resources.

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