> Nutrition Resources

Good nutrition is an important component to maintaining elders’ health, well being, and satisfaction with daily life. Elder Services has partnered with a number of organizations to meet these nutritional needs.

Those include:

  • Brown Bag Program
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Elder Services Food Pantry
  • The Elder Care Fund

Brown Bag Program

Elder Services has collaborated with the Greater Boston Food Bank and local sites to provide fresh groceries on a monthly basis to over 2,480 elders in the Merrimack Valley. Each “Brown Bag” contains enough food for at least three (3) complete meals, and both perishable and non-perishable foods are included. This program enables low income seniors to stretch their food dollars throughout the month. We have sites in Greater Haverhill, Greater Lawrence, and the Greater Lowell area. Several housing facilities and Councils on Aging have volunteer drivers that pick up the bags to distribute to seniors within a particular community. This program is free of charge and has application process.

Meals on Wheels

Eating well is an important part of staying healthy and remaining independent. When it becomes difficult for an elder to prepare a meal, the meals on wheels program can help. A hot nutritious meal is available five days a week, as well as emergency storm packs and weekend provisions. Donations from participants for the meals are suggested but not required. Meals can be delivered at home, or an elder may dine with others in a noon time meal program (called a congregate meal site) at a Senior Center or other community setting.

Elder Services Food Pantry

Elder Services has established a food pantry with private donations in 2012. This pantry helps provide non-perishable food for elders who are homeless or at risk and have limited resources to buy food. In order to access the pantry provisions, call the Age Information Department.

The Elder Care Fund

The Elder Care Fund is available in the Merrimack Valley to any elder, 60 and older, who needs financial assistance to help address an urgent need or emergency, including the purchase of food. Please click here, to learn more about The Elder Care Fund.