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Get help selecting a Medicare plan

Q: My husband and I are both retiring in the next few months after reaching our full retirement age for Social Security. We can’t keep the health insurance we have through our employers, but we haven’t been able to agree

Hoarding and Cluttering

The North Shore Center for Hoarding and Cluttering offers safe and non-judgmental support for individuals and families struggling with clutter. We understand that there are different degrees of clutter. From struggles with chronic disorganization and excessive clutter to struggles with hoarding behavior and Hoarding Disorder (and any level of clutter in between), we are here to help.

What is hoarding and can it be treated?

Hoarding is a progressive and chronic condition. According to the International OCD Foundation, hoarding is a complex disorder made up of three connected problems: collecting too many items; difficulty getting rid of items; and problems with organization. Hoarding is not

Grant Award Supports Programs Providing Older Adults With Nutritious Meals At Home

Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley and North Shore has been awarded a grant to provide food to seniors by the Greater Lowell Community Foundation through funding from the Massachusetts COVID-19 Relief Fund. This grant will help pay for locating

Having meals delivered for seniors

Q: My father has a medical condition that makes him at risk for contacting COVID, and his physician has instructed him to remain at home as much as possible. I am worried about his nutrition. Is there a way he

Concerns about voting

Q: This year, I am concerned about voting in person because of COVID and the flu season. Due to my age and chronic health condition, I am not going to take a chance on exposing myself by potentially being in

Four Ways to Volunteer During COVID-19

We’ve been fortunate to have community members who have stepped up and helped out social services agencies like ours since the start of the COVID-19. Now, four months into the pandemic, the need for volunteers continues. “Initially, we received inquiries

Request For Proposal – Branding Services

Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley and North Shore has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) from qualified firms to provide Branding services. Letters of intent are due July 31, and inquiries are accepted until August 7. Direct all questions

Is it safe to keep a medical appointment?

Q: I have a follow-up medical appointment next month. This was scheduled the last time I saw my physician six months ago. I have been very careful avoiding people as much as possible ever since the pandemic started. I really

Discussing home care with parents

Q: Over the last few months my sister and I have been calling our elderly parents on a daily basis to make sure they are managing during these difficult times. We have begun to realize it may not be possible