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Community pulls together in times of trouble

Q:  Sometime in October you had an article about the gas explosions in Lawrence, Andover and North Andover. That article focused on preventative measures for folks who use natural gas. How are things going in the aftermath of this accident?

High blood sugar level is warning for diabetes

Q:  Last month I had my annual Medicare Wellness checkup. My physician ordered a comprehensive fasting blood test. I just received the results which showed my blood sugar level was higher than the normal range. In the letter I received

Beware of scam Social Security calls

Q:  I received a call last week from Social Security informing me I had not provided them correct information and had been fraudulent in receiving benefits not entitled to me. They were very aggressive on the phone and started asking

Help with managing elders’ finances is available

Q:  My mother always handled the family finances. After she passed away my father was not capable of assuming responsibility for paying the household bills. He was really depressed and started declining cognitively. I have been coming over once a

What to do if a gas leak is suspected

Q:  Fortunately I do not live in any of the towns that were recently impacted by the devastating gas explosions. I am concerned for myself and several older relatives who live nearby if this situation was ever to occur again.

Take time to review plans during Medicare enrollment period

Q:  For more than two weeks I have been bombarded by mailings from different companies providing insurance to individuals on Medicare. I start getting irritated when I receive multiple flyers from the same company. When I turned 65 and became

Support and socialization resource for LGBT seniors and their caregivers

Q:  I have just relocated to the upper Merrimack Valley and moved into an elder housing building. The location is convenient to stores and the services offered in the building are just what I needed. My neighbors seem friendly so

Greater Lawrence Disaster Relief Fund Application Process Begins October 3, 2018

The application process begins October 3rd to apply for the Gr. Lawrence Disaster Relief Fund’s financial resources. Three ways to apply for the relief funds and available in both English & Spanish.

Elder Services’ response to the gas explosion tragedy in Lawrence, Andover, North Andover

Q:  I live in Newburyport and feel so bad for what happened in Lawrence and the other towns with the gas explosions. I am curious the impact that had on agencies like yours who work in Lawrence. Can you shed

Volunteers Needed for Gas Crisis Claims

Drop-In Centers will open in 4 locations in the Merrimack Valley on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018. These Centers will assist those directly impacted by the natural gas disaster that occurred on September 13th, 2018. The Essex County Community Foundation along