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Finding Your Inspiration and Moving Forward

When you live in New England, spring is anticipated with bated breath. Well, what a spring it has been. Coronavirus came along and at the least, ruined many plans, and at its worst, left dizzying numbers of sick and precious

Finding a care agency to suit mother’s needs

Q: My mother isn’t a resident in Massachusetts but I am hoping you might have some suggestions on how to handle a problem with the care she is receiving at home. Originally we hired two private pay workers, they both

Reopening Massachusetts

On Monday, May 18, Governor Charlie Baker announced the state’s 4 phase reopening plan for Massachusetts.  As an essential service, Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley-North Shore has been and will continue to assist older adults and individuals with disabilities

COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Payment Check Scam Alert

Most Americans with annual incomes under $100,000 have begun receiving COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Payments. If you regularly file federal income tax returns or if you receive payments from the Social Security Administration, your stimulus payment most likely will be automatically

Hoarding Disorder Awareness Week in Massachusetts

Between 2-6% of the population struggles with hoarding behavior making it a highly common mental health issue. Because this is such a common and often misunderstood mental health diagnosis, Governor Baker has proclaimed May 25 – May 29, 2020 Massachusetts’

Explaining the pandemic to someone with Alzheimer’s disease

Q: My elderly mother who has Alzheimer’s disease lives about 12 hours away from me. In the past I would travel down to visit her three to four times a year. Due to the pandemic I wasn’t able to be

Working with elders during the COVID-19 crisis

Q: I am aware your agency is considered an essential service. My late parents received help at home and I was very grateful. What has been your experience working with older adults and their caregivers during this pandemic? A: Thank

What Will We Choose to Remember About This Time?

In looking back, was it only a few months ago that we would describe life as being ‘normal’? How is it possible that we are experiencing nostalgia for things that happened only a few weeks ago – things that may

How do I deal with this sense of doom and gloom?

Q: Since I retired several years ago my social support system has narrowed considerably. I have become very emotional lately. Every day when I learn about the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 going up, how many people have passed

It’s important to fill out census

Q: There is so much going on right now. How important is it for us to fill out the 2020 Census? Does this impact services for older adults like myself? A: Everyone may not realize participation in the census is