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Drinking diet soda may put women over the age of fifty at a higher risk of stroke or heart disease

Q:  A friend of mine made a comment the other day that I shouldn’t be drinking diet colas anymore because of my age (70 years old). I have been drinking diet colas for most of my adult life. She tends

Importance of Health Care Directives

Q:  Every year when I have my annual check-up or have a scheduled medical procedure I’m always asked if I have an advance directive. I must admit I don’t. I know this is important but I keep procrastinating. Are other

Advocating for a loved one with dementia

Q:  My 93 year old mother just had surgery after falling and breaking the top of her femur. It was discovered the next day that she had a urinary tract infection and also required a blood transfusion. She has dementia

Post-traumatic stress isn’t limited to veterans

Q:  I live in an area which was evacuated during the gas explosions. One of my neighbors supposedly has been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I always thought this only happens to soldiers who have been in war related

Fall Prevention Program can help one learn to avoid falls

Q:  I have had one total knee replacement surgery and in the future will require the other knee to be replaced and possibly one hip surgery as well. I’ve had a few falls but fortunately was not injured other than

Involve elders in decision to clean out old stuff

Q:  My 93-year-old mother is still living in her own home. The basement is filled with things that have been stored for years. I am concerned that if she continues to deteriorate both physically and cognitively she will require placement

Who cares for caregivers when they get sick?

Caregivers are not immune to common illness, e.g., a cold, flu, stomach virus. In fact, the stresses of caregiving often increase their risk of getting sick and may compromise their recovery. Physicians and other healthcare providers should recognize that their

Losing ability to drive may lead to depression

Q:  A few years ago my father decided my mother should no longer be driving due to her increasing confusion and a minor fender-bender. When this first occurred he was always willing to take her wherever she wanted to go.

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Daughter’s grief distances her from family

Q:  I am worried about my friend of more than 55 years and her daughter. The daughter’s husband passed away in the early fall. This was not a happy marriage for the last 20 years but they remained together for