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How to prevent flu

Question: My husband says he does not want the flu vaccine this year. He experienced some side effects from his COVID-19 booster, so now he is convinced the same thing will happen if he receives a flu shot. He has several

What to know about diabetes

November is National Diabetes Month, but how much do you know about diabetes? Most of us have heard that it’s a serious disease that involves an imbalance of the body’s blood sugar and can require some people who have it

Do I still need to get mammogram in my 70s?

Question: I have my annual physical check-up scheduled next month. Every year, my doctor sends me for a mammogram, although these have never revealed any abnormalities. I am in my mid-70s and find the procedure somewhat uncomfortable. At my age, should

Recognition in November

November is the month when we focus on two vital and related issues: family caregivers and Alzheimer’s disease. All too often, we see caregivers with a mindset of having to “go-it-alone.” They focus on their immediate caregiving obligations and how

Where is there care for the caregivers?

Question: I am very much part of the “sandwich generation,” squeezed by responsibilities on both sides! I find myself struggling to care for my elderly aunt, who lives with me and has severe arthritis. In addition, I work two part-time

Years of Service tribute: More than 50 employees honored for milestone anniversaries

We took time today to celebrate and thank our awesome staff during our annual Years of Service ceremony. It’s a time to recognize everyone’s hard work and acknowledge the milestone anniversaries of more than 50 employees. “Congratulations for your years

What’s the deal with Medicare supplement plans?

Question: Every day, my mailbox is filled with advertisements about insurance plans to supplement my Medicare. I’m satisfied with my current Medicare plan, so why am I being hounded nonstop? Answer: Companies that offer additional coverage for Medicare beneficiaries are trying to

New program provides free tablet computers and internet access to local residents

Media Release October 13, 2021 Contact: Susan Geier, Director of Communications 603-969-9681 Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley and North Shore has a new program to provide individuals with a free computer, training, and internet services through a partnership

Comfort pets provide companionship to adults experiencing isolation, memory loss

By Stephen Anable, Communications Specialist Bernadette Cary, 87, is relaxing on her bed in her room at the Sutton Home for Women in Peabody, cuddling a new stuffed dog. It looks like a typical plush toy: blond, roughly a foot

Ask Joan: The confusion around types of rehabilitation

Question: My elderly mother is currently in the hospital with both COVID-19 and a urinary tract infection. She has slowly been making progress and will soon be discharged. She remains frail and sleeps a great deal of the time but won’t