Annual Report 2013

Dear Colleagues,
Nearly 40 years ago Elder Services was founded by a local group of visionaries. Our commitment then and now is forged by a belief in an
individual’s right to self determination and informed choices. Our mission continues as
we develop resources, educate consumers and their families about the array of good community-based choices they have available to support their long and short term needs as they age.

This year’s annual report highlights five programs built with this mission in mind and applied to a variety of needs and care settings: Community Care Transitions Program, Family Caregiver Support Program, Healthy Living Center of Excellence, Home Care Programs, and Managed Care Programs. Each program offers practical assistance, education, and support to consumers and/or caregivers with the goal of empowerment and self-determination. We are proud that our services and programs reach people in their own homes, and in health care settings, especially during critical transitions of care.

Choice, empowerment, and self-determination are also relevant to the discussion and decisions about dying. We believe helping people die with dignity and grace is central to our mission. There are conversations that we all need to begin to assure we continue to learn what is most important to the people we care about. These conversations enable families to define their concerns and wishes, and give us a better sense of how to be supportive during the last phases of life. With this information caregivers can make better choices, create the environment, advocate, and manage care in a way that speaks to the desires and preferences of those who are dying. Knowing what to do helps families manage their own suffering and pain during the dying process, and in turn teaches them how they might better manage their needs when their own end is at hand.

Annual Report-13

Annual Report-13