Annual Report 2015

Dear Colleagues,

Medical research has recently defined the importance of social determinants in good health care and successful aging. The World Health Organization defines social determinants as “the conditions, in which people are born, grow, work, live and age, and the wider set of forces and systems shaping the condition of daily life.” This includes economic security, safe neighborhoods, adequate housing, practical support with daily living and better nutrition, but also a sense of connection and significance within a greater community.
In this report there are key examples of our programs and services that address social determinants both for individuals and communities at large. They are pieces to a larger puzzle of health care and wellbeing, and cover a broad spectrum of need for the individuals served. They also help introduce individuals and families to the network of services and programs available as their needs change. Giving people choices in care, helping create supportive and safe living environments, and helping them transition from a hospital or health care setting to the community allows for better patient care and results. We are dedicated to helping people find the right mix of social supports, home care assistance, benefits, housing or health care services to address the challenges that impacts their health and well being.

Elder Services has worked hard to broaden our partnerships beyond where a consumer calls “home”, as good patient care and a successful aging process is a team effort with multiple partners throughout the health, housing and social service networks. Working closely with our colleagues, we want to determine common agendas and build interdisciplinary teams, linking data, information systems in an effort to build a common ground of understanding and action. In this way we can define a vibrant care community that helps both the individuals, populations and communities we serve.

Thank you for being our partners in care!

Annual Report-15

Annual Report 2015