Annual Report 2017

Taking on the new role of Chief Executive Officer at Elder Services is both a humbling experience and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I have devoted much of my professional life to this agency and I am ready to tap into that experience, talent and the innovative spirit of our incredible staff as we enter into the next phase of evolution and growth at Elder Services. I look forward to working with our network of strong community partners to help the agency move confidently into the future with bold vision and an enduring sense of mission.

These are challenging times. The people we serve face increasingly complex situations and life circumstances. Our staff and resources continue to be stretched while the need for our services and solutions continues to grow. Yet within these challenges are unheralded opportunities to evolve, adapt, and engage more directly with our consumers and caregivers. We want to enhance our ability to help them reach their goals.  And, we want to invest in our staff to build their capacity to respond effectively to newly emerging needs.

There are opportunities in the challenges facing our healthcare system. We know how to address the social determinants of health that contribute to poor health outcomes and increased costs. Our partnerships with hospitals, insurers and other providers attest to our commitment of integrated care.

My faith in this agency’s future is rooted in all that Elder Services has accomplished over the past 43 years. We have a proven ability to work in partnership with others, to be innovative, to anticipate, learn, adapt and respond to whatever challenges may lie ahead. This annual report offers us all a reminder of our collective strengths and the power of our mission in action.

The best is yet to come!


Joan Hatem-Roy
Chief Executive Officer


Annual Report 2017