Annual Report 2020

We are taking time to reflect on the past year and look ahead at what comes next. ESMV-NS found 2020 to be a taxing but transformative year for our agency. The COVID-19 pandemic presented an unexpected challenge, but we rallied and learned what we are capable of as an agency and from it we have grown. As always, we could not do what we do without the support from our staff, the community and our partners.

Last March, we quickly made changes to allow our employees to work remotely a needed. Since then, we have implemented a robust response and recovery plan while keeping our employees safe and well-informed at every step. COVID pushed us to adapt our programs and services while continuing to meet the needs of our consumers. This highlighted the need to address those who lack access to or cannot use such online technology.

We also saw an increased demand for nutrition services and a rise in social isolation, especially with consumers who live alone or are unable to leave their homes. Our staff expanded their outreach efforts, including wellness checks, telephone calls and other support services. Through it all, we continued to receive the invaluable help of dedicated volunteers and donors.

In 2021, we are taking time to think about our experiences and grow from them.
ESMV-NS has undergone many changes in its long history, all with an eye toward
improving outcomes for the people we serve.

We know that healthy aging starts before people turn 65. For that reason, we have expanded our partnerships with healthcare organizations to offer programs for younger adults and some children – to encourage healthy habits and improve the conditions where people live, learn, work and play. To embrace these changes and increase awareness about our work, we are refreshing our identity to better reflect who we are, and allow us to be more adaptive and inclusive of the people across northeastern Massachusetts. This past year has offered us an unprecedented opportunity to reflect upon our mission and how we can continue to help the communities it is our privilege to serve.


Joan Hatem-Roy
Chief Executive Officer

Michael P. Rurak, CPA
ESMV-NS Board President