> For the Love of Hockey

May 1, 2017       Author: Cynthia Hession-Richard, LSW, CDP, Caregiver Advisor

When you are raising your seven year old grandson there are things to consider emotionally, physically and also, financially. The cost of raising a child when you are on a fixed income can leave a grandparent or kinship caregiver caring for a child, unable to think beyond the cost of food, clothes, school supplies and health care needs. The idea of paying for camp or an afterschool program or a sport like hockey, is often out of the question. This past fall the Family Caregiver Support Program Caregiver Advisor met with a family in Amesbury who are raising their grandson and he wanted to play hockey. His grandparents shared that their family had always been a “hockey family” and their own children had all played. They wanted to be able to offer this to their own grandson who had already been through so much trauma in his young life but the cost was not something they could afford. The grandparents expressed that this child loved to be with his cousins and uncles who all played and he wanted to have a chance as well.

The Family Caregiver Support Program was able to assist with a portion of the cost through the campership program for grandparents raising their grandchildren. The Caregiver Advisor also located a scholarship program in Amesbury and assisted the family with putting an application in for their grandson. He received full approval. Within a week of meeting with the Family Caregiver Support Program, this little boy had his skates on and was playing with his team. Speaking with his grandfather recently he said to the Caregiver Advisor that this child was overjoyed and loves that he too can play hockey with his friends and family.

For more information about the Grandparents Campership contact the Family Caregiver Support Program at 978-946-1445.