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The following attachments will assist you through the application process. There are numerous documents for you to review and forms to complete, please sure to verify your complete application includes as already specified. 

The following forms must be completed with your application as it has been outlined in the instructions. 
ESMV Standards of Service
ESMV Rate Sheet
Commonwealth Terms and Conditions
Provider Certification and Data Security Addendum (Executive Order 504)


 The following attachments are the background documents for the application process.
Client Privacy and Confidentiality Policies (PI 97-55)
CORI Regulations (PI 09-19)
Elder Rights Review Committee (PI 03-17)
Human Service Worker Training
MassHealth All Provider (Bulletin 196)
Minimum Insurance Requirement (PC-HM-HHA)
Prohibition on Non-Compete Agreement (PI 11-07)
Provider Network QA Manual
Risk Management (PI 11-06)