> Important information for consumers, their families and our staff

If you, a family member or a neighbor were affected by the tragedy that happened in Lawrence, Andover and North Andover, and need assistance please call our Age Information Department at 800-892-0890. Our office is open today until 5:00 pm. After 5:00 pm our answering service will take your message and our staff will follow up on your request and answer any questions you may have.

Thank you to the continued efforts of all first responders and others who are still on the front lines of this tragedy since it began. Elder Services will continue working with local officials and agencies to insure elder residents and their family members are safe and secure and have their immediate needs met. We also want to support our staff personally affected by this tragedy as well as those colleagues who work with us everyday in the community service network.

Remember: if you have a need for our services or assistance for an elder call 1-800-892-0890.

For any people with disabilities affected: Contact Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies for assistance with disability related needs: Disaster hotline: (800) 626-4959 – Email: info@disasterstrategies.orgwww.portlight.org.

If you are looking for more general information or updates check your local news station or dial 211.