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Regular Meal Menu
: For consumers without specific dietary needs.
Cold Supper Menu: For clients who prefer a cold meal (sandwich/salad) to the hot lunch. Juice is sent with the meal instead of milk.

In addition to the Regular home delivered meal, Elder Services offers the following medically tailored & culture specific meals:
Cardiac Modified: For consumers requiring a low sodium & reduced carbohydrate diet. The daily meal comes with skim milk and contains no more than 70 grams of carbohydrates and 900 mg of sodium. A low carbohydrate snack is provided daily to enjoy between meals.
Asian: For consumers who prefer Asian influenced meals like pork lo-mein, orange chicken, tofu w/bok choy and dumplings.
Latino: For consumers who prefer Latin inspired meals including pastelon, coconut fish, paella and enchiladas.
Low Lactose: For consumers needing a reduced lactose diet. Daily milk will be substituted with lactose-free milk and meals high in lactose will be produced with lower lactose ingredients.
Renal: For consumers with decreased kidney function requiring a sodium, potassium and phosphorus restriction. Juice is sent with the meal instead of milk.
Textured Modified (Chopped, Ground & Pureed): For consumers with chewing/swallowing issues.

Meals come with 1% milk unless otherwise noted.

Click here for Home-Delivered Meal re-heating instructions.
Menu standards are based on current federal and state guidelines. Each meal contains at least 1/3 of the current daily Recommended Dietary Allowance of nutrients and considers the special dietary needs of the elderly participants.

Click here for FAQ about the weekend & holiday frozen meals.

If you have questions or feedback about the meals, please contact us at nutrition@esmv.org