> Practical Matters Program

Practical Matters is a private pay program available to clients and/or their families. This is an individualized Case Management program designed for family members who are trying to do it all but are challenged due to distance or personal responsibilities.

The goal of the program is to improve the client’s quality of life and reduce family stress. After assessing what the needs of the individual are, the care manager will personalize a service plan to meet the needs in the best way possible.

What services does Practical Matters provide to consumers or to their families?
The program offers in home assessment, medical advocacy, individualized care plans, support for caregivers, crisis intervention, assistance with relocation, and access to other resources as needed. This program can provide complete over-sight and management of a client’s care if necessary or can provide the tools to someone to manage on their own. The choice of how much care is desired or needed is that of the client and/or family. Since it is a private pay service, it can be on an as needed basis and does not have to fit any specific schedule, other than what the client wants.

The Private Care Manager is able to assist clients in many diverse ways, for example, obtaining a Home Health Aide, finding resources such as, podiatrists, physical therapists, hairdressers, and individuals to provide home repair. The Private Care Manager can assist in making referrals to other programs, like Adult Day Health and support groups. Clients can request help mediating family meetings.

For more information about the Practical Matters program visit our Danvers Office website at https://nselder.org/practical-matters-2/.