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Easing fears about the vaccine

Question: Some of my friends are afraid of getting the COVID-19 vaccine because they think it will give them the actual disease. What can I tell them to ease their fears? Answer: This is a common fear among many who

Understanding herd immunity, and what it means for vaccination

Q: I am 72 years old and received my second COVID-19 vaccination two weeks ago. I am somewhat relieved to have this added protection, but others in my age group are reluctant to get vaccinated. I have heard the term “herd

Annual Report 2020

We are taking time to reflect on the past year and look ahead at what comes next. ESMV-NS found 2020 to be a taxing but transformative year for our agency. The COVID-19 pandemic presented an unexpected challenge, but we rallied

Coping with a difficult diagnosis

Question:  My husband was diagnosed with a debilitating neurological condition. We have been told there is no cure, but medication may slow his deterioration. Neither of us is dealing well with the emotional and physical changes that have already occurred. Other

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Visiting after vaccination

Q: I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and feel a great sense of gratitude and relief. Is it finally OK for me to visit my aunt in her long-term care facility? A: Becoming fully vaccinated is certainly a milestone. Many

Adapting to hearing aids

Q: My elderly mother has experienced hearing loss during the last few years. She has denied she had a problem, which has frustrated her family and friends. She reluctantly agreed to visit an audiologist, and, as we expected, she was in

Help is available to find local services for seniors

Q: I am trying to gather information for my elderly next-door neighbors. Over the past year, they seem to be struggling to take care of their home and get out to do their grocery shopping. I help when I can, but

Finding help with pension problems

Question:  My sister’s husband died several months ago. When she applied for the survivor benefit from his pension, she was told she wasn’t eligible to receive further funds because her husband had chosen a higher payout when he first retired. This is not what he had explained to