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Finding the Light in the Time Zone of Now

Most of us have experienced the sensation of time passing more quickly than we realized. “Was that really three years ago? Seems like yesterday.” Or, the exact opposite; a faded memory of something having happened years previously, when in fact

Tips for elder airplane travel

Q: I will be moving my mother from out of state to a facility near where I live. She gets nervous if she is in a vehicle for any length of time so it seems the only way to relocate

Safeguarding our Mental Well-being During COVID-19

  By now all of us have heard the guidelines and recommendations put forward by the experts regarding safeguarding our mental health. During the past months I feel I have experienced a range of emotions amongst my own circle of

Workshops on caregiving, chronic conditions continue virtually

Q: Earlier this year my husband was diagnosed with a neurological condition. We were told there would be ongoing deterioration still we both tried to have a positive attitude when we received the news. Unfortunately being confined to home and

COVID 19 Update: Putting Our Consumers and Staff First

Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley and North Shore continues to work closely with the Executive Office of Elder Affairs, other state agencies, and our community partners to best meet the needs of our consumers and staff during this pandemic. 

Are You Aware of Elder Abuse?

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is June 15th as designated by the United Nations General Assembly. The day shines a light globally on the problem of neglect, physical, emotional, and financial abuse of elders. The intent of the day is

What help is available for grandparents raising their grandchildren?

Q: A neighbor of mine recently was awarded custody of her grandchildren. For numerous reasons, the children’s parents are not involved in their care nor will they be allowed to in the future. My neighbor refused to allow the children

We Stand Together in our Fight Against COVID and in Our Grief

June is the month for which I reflect on missing my mother, gone six years now. Words I never thought I would hear myself think, let alone say aloud; thank god both my parents are already deceased. I have shared

Is it OK for elderly mom to go to a restaurant?

Q: My elderly mother lives in another New England state. Restrictions are being lifted in her county allowing most businesses to resume operation as long as they follow safe guidelines for social distancing. My mother and her neighbor have missed

SHINE Counselors

All SHINE counselors are certified annually to ensure they are sharing up-to-date information. Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, SHINE Counselors are not able to meet in person. If you would like to meet by phone with a SHINE counselor, please