> Volunteers Needed for Gas Crisis Claims

Drop-In Centers will open in 4 locations in the Merrimack Valley on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018. These Centers will assist those directly impacted by the natural gas disaster that occurred on September 13th, 2018. The Essex County Community Foundation along with partner organizations will be operating these centers. Volunteers are needed to assist in this effort to aid the thousands of people who have been impacted in accessing financial assistance.

There are two ways to sign up to volunteer:

  1. Visit https://www.signupgenius.com to select date, time and role you are able to volunteer for, at the centers in North Andover, Andover, and South Lawrence.
  2. If you are interested in volunteering time at the Lawrence Senior Center, please contact the Lawrence Senior Center directly at 978-620-3540.


Gas Emergency Drop-In Center Volunteer Roles

Volunteers will be assigned a role or roles at the Drop-In Center site by the Manager

Greeter/Briefing/Triage Staff: Initial contact with applicants/claimants. Staff will direct applicant/claimant to appropriate waiting area based on their reason for visiting Drop-In Center. A script will be provided.

Interpreter: Assist claimants/applicants who are English-language learners or not proficient in English.  Volunteers who speak English as well as Spanish, Vietnamese, Khmer, Haitian Creole and other languages are needed.

Check Distributor: Checks ID of claimant who received notice their check was ready to be picked up, gives check to claimant once ID verified as matching check recipient.  Check distributor will also offer claimants a resource guide and other materials. A script will be provided

Troubleshooter: Using computer/ tablet will, a Troubleshooter will pull up claimant’s on-line application that required further identification. Checks and matches ID with application, checks box in application to confirm identification verified, gives claimant information sheet and resource guide and instructs to return when prompted or, if chose mail, confirms check will be mailed in X hours/days (length of time TBD). Script will be provided.

Application Helpers: Provides assistants to applicants who have not yet begun an on-line application using computer, tablet (or in some cases, paper and clipboard) and helps complete application, provides list of ID forms to bring when picking up check or if further identification is determined by system to be needed, provides resource guide and information sheet about process post-online application submission.

General Assistant/Attendant: Keeps refreshment area clean and also refills items, converses with applicants/claimants waiting.

Crowd Control: Ensures lines and general crowd is organized and calm, offers assistance if necessary and directs anyone with questions back to Greeting/Briefing/Triage.

Floaters: Can provide support to all roles at a Drop-In center.

All roles will receive training and ongoing support from the manager and training staff on site.

We thank you for your continued support. We are all in this together!