Annual Report 2018

It has been a fascinating year at Elder Services, filled with success in addressing the needs of our clients, as well as meaningful progress towards our overall vision. We’ve been honored to receive support from our clients, their families, and our community, as well as recognition from local, state and national partners for the quality of our work. It’s also been a year when our staff rose to the occasion by overcoming challenges, both those we knew were on the horizon and others we could not have predicted. Most importantly, this year has renewed a sense of excitement around our mission, as well as our eagerness to take on the growth and opportunities that lie ahead.

When I became CEO in July 2017, I made a pledge to restore our core and to build the infrastructure needed to help people manage their responsibilities and succeed in their work. We began by sitting down with staff to listen and learn. We made some immediate changes around how we communicate and started larger initiatives that support staff at all levels within the agency. Today, we are investing in the technology, strategic thinking and organizational design we need to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex environment.

Our focus on the core services that have made us a valued asset to our communities will not waiver in the New Year. We will also continue to embrace change as we adjust, adapt, and evolve our work to meet the expanding needs of our consumers and partners. We will invest in innovative programs and solutions that help our consumers with access to nutritious foods, housing insecurity, lack of transportation options, and other social determinants of health. We can’t do it alone. We will continue to foster collaborative efforts with a range of partners that promote healthy communities for people to live independently, safely, and securely.

Thank you for your unwavering support of our efforts and mission. Your commitment to the agency is integral to our success for the future. We look forward to working together.


Joan Hatem-Roy
Chief Executive Officer